Success stories

AdSense keeps the thrills coming for Robert Niles of as he continues expanding his site and pursuing his passion.

AdSense is the answer for tech support expert Dave Taylor, who has used revenue from his growing site to pay his mortage and ultimately spend more time with his kids.

"After publishing a number of tech books, I launched back in 2002 as a more efficient way of responding to questions emailed to me by readers. The site has grown enormously in the last 10 years – it now welcomes 1 million unique visitors a month, and answers queries on a very wide range of tech issues.

I signed up for AdSense in 2003, and within two months, the revenue from the program was enough to pay my hosting bill in full. By the third month, the revenue covered my monthly mortgage repayment! That's when I realized the website could be a viable business in itself.

With the money from AdSense, I was able to quit my job in 2003 and concentrate
entirely on the website. I'm still adding new articles every day, and have been happy to see AdSense reporting and targeting options become more sophisticated over the years. AdSense has ultimately allowed me to focus on the important things in life – like spending more time with my kids."

Dave Taylor, Founder
Boulder, CO, USA

There’s no looking back for James Graham of, who was able to quit his day job and travel to historical sites around the world thanks to AdSense.

“ is an ‘on this day in history’ website. I started in 2000 with historical events, famous birthdays and deaths and have added more content over time. We now have 200,000 entries and the site is the biggest of its kind. In March 2013, we had over one million unique visitors. I first heard about AdSense in an article I read while at university and was immediately interested. Before AdSense, online ads were clunky and unappealing – they looked bad and weren’t effective. So AdSense was a great match for us from the start.

We have lots of content, so we get highly targeted ads with AdSense. Our main goal is to provide better historical information on the net. We’ve reinvested a lot of the money from AdSense on content, and the more revenue we’ve made, the better the website has become for our users. We’ve also added a Spanish language site and have just finished creating a mobile version of our English site.

AdSense has allowed me to quit my job as an IT consultant and work full-time on the site. I spent the two last years travelling in South America and working remotely. Now my friends back in New Zealand tell me I’m ‘living the dream’.”

James Graham, Founder and managing editor
New Zealand

With AdSense, Jennifer Moss of has built a successful family business, grown her site, and become an expert in her field.

“My site started as a database of names and meanings for a software program that I had developed with my mother. When the internet became available for public use, we put that database online and in 1996 it became The site was the first site of its kind, and now gets 1.6 million unique visitors per month. There are four other partners – my mom and three sisters – as well as a hired staff. We first started with AdSense to help us pay our hosting costs, but never imagined it would become a viable business. I went full-time with in 2006, and in one year, doubled our income.

AdSense changed the way we did business and it’s been nothing but a positive experience for us. With Google you get a partner who is just as interested in growing your business as you are. You get more than income – you get expertise. It’s opened our minds to what other publishers are doing. We’ve now expanded to a site for pet names and are working on a new site for character names, aimed at authors. And these days, we get asked to speak on national broadcast media about celebrities and their baby names. We’ve become the de facto experts in the field!”

Jennifer Moss, Founder and CEO
Central California, USA

AdSense keeps in full bloom, enabling gardening enthusiast Moosey to retire and pursue her dream of becoming a gardening writer.

“ started out as a mother’s day present from me to my mum, Moosey, in 1997. It’s grown into a fully-fledged gardening website focused on her garden, with up to 10,000 visits a day. I signed up for AdSense back in 2003 to show her we could generate revenue in a tasteful way. We decided we’d spend the income on the garden, so it could directly help her improve what she was doing on the site.

When revenue really started to grow, mum was able to retire from teaching to become a professional garden writer. She loves connecting with people, and AdSense has allowed her to share her garden with the world. AdSense takes the tech worries away so she can concentrate on her garden. The targeting is also streets ahead, with both contextual and behavioural ads getting better and better. AdSense gives us 100 per cent of our advertising revenue, which gets invested into the garden and even technology -- we’ve invested in a prototype of a solar powered wireless web cam, and can’t wait to try it!”

Nick, Technical Manager
New Zealand

AdSense puts on the map, enabling founders Roger Warwick and Mario Fernandes to focus on sharing the best of Lisbon.

“We started back in 2004 as the sister site to It offers travel tips and advice for tourists visiting Lisbon. We now have five times the number of visitors than when we started out. We get around 100,000 unique visitors per month and the site has become much more authoritative. We heard about AdSense on an online forum for webmasters in 2003 and signed up immediately.

AdSense has given us a constant, reliable income stream. It accounts for 100 per cent of our advertising revenue and has allowed us to reinvest time and money on getting things going with the site. Rich media ads have been a welcome addition and we use them to great effect. While we’re always looking to grow and provide new information for our customers, we’ve always stuck with AdSense. It just works. Lisbon may be a city that is constantly changing, but AdSense remains a stable product providing a stable income.”

Roger Warwick and Mario Fernandes, Founders
Lisbon, Portugal

AdSense helps Kevin Hsieh grow revenue and save time as he works to recreate the essence of San Francisco's Chinatown online.

“I launched in 2002. It’s a guide to Chinatown for locals and tourists, including information about events, history and points of interest. Traffic to the site varies, but peak season is Chinese New Year, when we get over 100,000 unique visitors. Initially, most of our revenue came from sources such as partnerships and affiliate programs, so we only started using AdSense as a test, to see what would happen. It proved a great success, and actually generated more revenue than our other channels.

The revenue we get means we don’t have to think about charging users and it has enabled us to diversify and expand into new areas. A few years ago, we redesigned the site and began using DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). This tripled our AdSense income, which now accounts for almost 90 percent of our ad revenue. Moving AdSense and DFP into one single tool has made managing ads easier and saved us loads of time. I hope to make my full-time job and replicate the physical world of Chinatown online. We want to help shop owners promote their stores and even sell products online as many don’t have websites of their own.”

Kevin Hsieh, Founder
San Francisco, CA, USA

Revenue from AdSense has helped Peter Horan, President and COO of, grow the site and run a robust mobile business.

“Answers is the leading question and answer site on the Internet, and we're a comScore top 15 site. About 100 million people a month come to Answers, and about 35,000 people every day ask questions. AdSense is extremely important to our business. People who come to our site are looking for answers to questions that are typically very specific. AdSense presents content that's interesting, relevant and appropriate for our visitors, serving ads that enhance the time the users spend on our site. From the publisher perspective, I'm actually earning revenue in a way that improves our users' experience.

Over the past ten years, I've seen AdSense evolve to meet new challenges. Take mobile, for example: Users are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to search for information. It's very important for us to provide them with a great experience. AdSense has enabled us to have a robust and profitable mobile business that's growing quickly year on year, and to make big bets moving forward through ads that add to our users' experience. AdSense provides a bedrock monetization solution for your site, and if your site is growing, then AdSense will grow with you. For our business, there’s nothing as good as AdSense.”

Peter Horan, President and COO
Mountain View, CA, USA

AdSense has helped Richard Graham of invest more time in his site and expand the reach of the content.

“I started in 2000 as an offshoot of my product-based English-teaching site. The site is for learning Japanese the ‘genki’ way (which means in a ‘fun’ or ‘lively’ way). My main site relied on paid products, which limited the amount of people I could reach. The new site allowed me to experiment with free content so I could reach a much larger audience. Revenue from AdSense since 2003 has allowed me to invest time in the site – I can put things up for free, see what people like and move in that direction.

AdSense is a dependable source of extra income each month, and I can now reach more people in more countries. AdSense revenue from YouTube allows me to make regular videos about learning Japanese, and I’ve created sites for other languages, like Korean, Thai and Chinese. The Thai government has just put my software on 800,000 tablets, and I now have projects in Tanzania and India. My goal is for every subject in every country to be taught the ‘genki’ way!”

Richard Graham, Owner

AdSense keeps the community ‘in the know’, enabling CEO Tim O'Shea and his team to focus on improving services offered on the site.

“ is a social question and answer site, where users can ask and answer questions. Our aim is to help people help each other – to ask, to learn, to share and to grow. We started in 2006 with a few questions and answers, which we opened up to users coming through search traffic. We’ve seen steady growth since and have around 300,000 visits to the site per day. I first experimented with AdSense on other sites I started in 2003, and turned to AdSense as a way to fund

Revenue through AdSense has given us the freedom to build and design the site our way. It allows us to find which balance of ads and content works best for advertisers and users. There are always changes being made to improve services for publishers and advertisers. It’s become more sophisticated by being able to serve up ads contextually and retargeting users. We work to give our visitors a great experience, and revenue through AdSense helps us do that for the Blurtit community!”

Tim O'Shea, Founder and CEO
Norfolk, UK

With AdSense, Mary Ann Kelley of turns a hobby into a successful home business and continues to focus on creating new content.

“ offers information, downloads, links, and lots of encouragement for homeschooling moms. I started the site in 2000 to help homeschoolers find resources online. Since then, has grown dramatically. We’ve had three million unique visitors in the past five years alone, and we have over 30,000 subscribers to our homeschool newsletter. I first heard about AdSense from a member of a group of homeschooling webmasters I belong to, so I signed up. When I started playing around with the format and placement of ad units, I was shocked to see a huge jump in revenue. At that point I realized I had something valuable with great income potential.

AdSense has allowed me to turn a hobby into a fully-fledged home business that provides a steady income. AdSense provides a way for me to grow our revenue with quality, targeted ads. Reporting has improved steadily over the years, making things much easier for me. The less time I have to spend on tweaking ads, the more time I can spend on great content. I’m very excited about an upcoming major redesign project for the site. Of course, we’ll be keeping AdSense performance in mind as we make layout decisions.”

Mary Ann Kelley, Editor
Fredericksburg, Virginia

AdSense revenue helps Mat Bennett of along the road to success, contributing to the launch of a new site and even funding part of his wedding.

“We launched in 2002 as an online marketplace to help people advertise their caravans and find buyers. We’ve gone from two members of staff to ten since then, and in peak season we record around one million page views per month. We signed up for AdSense when it was launched, and our initial aim was simply to monetise the site – to help us build it and gain market share. But AdSense has brought us real stability.

Google pays 100 per cent on time, every time, which means we can concentrate on building the website and getting our name out there. One of the big improvements since 2003 has been the move to rich media ads and image ads, as it has allowed us to maintain a corporate look. The revenue AdSense brings gives us breathing space to concentrate on new projects. It’s funded a new site, as well as a large proportion of my wedding … and Google even got a mention in the wedding speeches!”

Mat Bennett, Founder
Hayling Island, UK

AdSense enables Stefan Schauwecker to fully concentrate on creating content, growing his site from just a few pages to a 1,000-page guide.

“ is an online travel and sightseeing guide for Japan. I started the site in 1996, purely as a hobby. Japan really interested me, but I didn’t like the way it was being portrayed in the media. So I started my own site, free of stereotypes – just Japan as it is. When I lost my job in 2001, I got the motivation to turn the site into a full-time business. After moving to Japan in 2003 and still struggling, I gave AdSense a try, and it really helped my business take a big step forward.

I was amazed at how well it performed compared to other ad networks. The income has allowed me to hire extra people, and we now register about one million unique visitors a month. Over time, AdSense has become easier to use, and the new tools to control ads and ad types have been great. Revenue from AdSense has allowed me to concentrate fully on developing the travel section of the site. And consequently it’s grown from just a few pages into the 1,000-page guide it is today!”

Stefan Schauwecker, Company president
Gunma Prefecture, Japan

AdSense provides a formula for growth at, where founder John Grohol continues to focus on expanding the site and improving ad performance.

“I started, one of the first mental health websites to be run by a mental health professional. Back in 2003, I was still running the site on the side with my team. We looked at several solutions, but heard AdSense was reliable and could really deliver on cost per impression. It has been fundamental to growing our business. We had somewhere around 200,000 visitors a month back then – now it’s nearly 4 million.

AdSense played an important part in the decision to go full-time with the site in 2006. It was about having a reliable, stable income stream – knowing that if we delivered X number of page views, we would get Y revenue. We’ve always liked that it gives you a clear dashboard, and full control of the ads shown. We get a monthly overview of performance and can see which parts of the site are performing better than others. Now, we’re looking at doing more with mobile to help us continue the 20 percent year-over-year growth we’ve enjoyed over the last few years.”

John Grohol, Psy.D., Founder and CEO
Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA

Mauricio Freitas of originally turned to AdSense to cover his hosting costs, but the revenue has enabled him to focus on his site full-time.

“We launched in 2003 to be a repository of ideas. In those days it was hard to share content, and we started by posting things we had found around the Internet. We later set up a forum so other people could share news and discuss issues, and now we call the site a technology community. It serves 500,000 unique visitors a month. We signed up for AdSense in 2003 as we were keen to find an advertising solution to pay our hosting bills. Back then we had no time to sell advertising, and New Zealand was a very small market where it was difficult to attract advertisers. AdSense took care of both of those issues.

AdSense has proved to be very effective. I left my day job in 2007 because income was coming through and it made financial sense. As the site grew, we started partnering with local advertisers and running their campaigns together with AdSense through Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers. The integration between AdSense and DFP into a single tool has made our lives much easier. AdSense has been a really reliable and valuable revenue stream, and even today we couldn’t run the site without it. It gave me the safety net I needed to change my career and go into publishing full-time.”

Mauricio Freitas, Founder, publisher, blogger and administrator
Wellington, New Zealand

AdSense serves up success for Nicky Jurd of, enabling her expand to 15 members of staff, build new websites, and create new niche content.

“ is a guide to restaurants in Cairns and hosts user-generated reviews. It’s one of ten sites we run about travel in Queensland, and it’s definitely the biggest. We launched it in 2003, and it was the first of its kind at the time. Back then there were two of us – now there are 15 members of staff. We’ve expanded with the growth of the restaurant scene, and we get around 30,000 unique visitors to the site a month. In truth, we started out with AdSense to earn just a little bit of money – enough for some Friday-night drinks. But it’s become much more significant.

AdSense provides an assured income so we can continue creating websites and invest in producing niche content. It brings in 100 percent of our ad revenue. Custom channels have allowed us to track each site and placement more precisely, so we’ve been able to get much more out of it. Our aim is to create a series of Australia-wide, attraction-based sites. Most of our current sites focus on Queensland – we want to go national!”

Nicky Jurd, Owner
Queensland, Australia